Thursday, January 30, 2014

Stinky Socks are Tasty at The Patty Wagon

Stinky Sock Burger
Sorry for the tardiness of this post, having been away a good portion of the fall, I fell behind on my food truck posts!

The Patty Wagon was new to Edmonton streets this summer, offering downtown diners a myriad of burger options. Diners could choose from three patty options – feeb, lamb or veggie – as well as half a dozen of pre-determined burger options plus additional toppings for a wee bit of extra money.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Indulging in Model Milk's Sunday Suppers

So much food!
We had heard many great things about Model Milk from our Edmonton friends who had been when they visited Calgary, yet had been unable to fit a visit in ourselves until now. Finding a restaurant that was open on a Sunday night we found could often pose a challenge, as many are closed on Sundays, so since Model Milk was actually open on a Sunday, we opted to make it our Sunday night meal. On Sunday nights at Model Milk, they take the concept of a family dinner and make it their own. So if you plan to go to Model Milk on a Sunday, remember that you won’t be able to order from the menu as they only offer the family style dinner on Sunday nights.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

CRAFT Beer Market - Handcrafted Food Folly

CRAFT Beer Market
CRAFT Beer Market, a beer focused restaurant chain where everything’s served on tap, first started in Calgary, AB, recently opened their third location in Edmonton. I had the opportunity in November to tour the space, weeks ahead of their planned opening date, to see what they were planning and to find out more about what CRAFT Beer Market was all about. The space itself was very large and impressive, although still far from complete, it looked like it was going to seat quite a lot of people inside. The front area of the main floor consisted of a combination of booths, and bar type seating situated by floor to ceiling windows. Meanwhile the back area of the main floor boasted an impressively sized bar, surrounded by seating, as well as additional booths along the walls, and a room filled with kegs of beer. There was more seating upstairs, along with a massive kitchen, which they informed me they would baking the majority of their own bread in, except for their brunch bread which would be provided by Popular Bakery.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Scrumptiousness Salon de The de Joel Robuchon

Afternoon Tea Stand
Joel Robuchon has become famous worldwide, with restaurants in Paris, London, Hong Kong, and Macau just to name a few cities, many of those restaurants have Michelin stars to boot. Let’s not forget to mention that his Paris flagship restaurant is on the Top 100 Best Restaurants in the World list. Although we had hoped to give his restaurants a whirl on our last trip to Paris and London, given our already busy dining schedule, we just couldn’t squeeze it in. So since we were going to be in Hong Kong for almost a whole month, we were able to fit in both a visit to his L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, as well as a few visit to Salon de The de Joel Robuchon, which has several locations in Hong Kong and is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon tea.
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