Friday, January 27, 2017

Spicy and Fun at Nando's Richmond Garden City

Sangria and Peri Peri Sauce
Nando’s recently opened a new location at Richmond Garden City and I was invited to come check it out. I’ll have to admit, being from Edmonton, I’d only been to Nando’s once before, and that was last winter when they opened their first location in Edmonton and invited Moo to come celebrate their opening. Although I’d seen Nando’s while visiting the UK previously, I’d never actually gone in, though I had heard friends talk about it.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Lounge Life at Plaza Premium Lounge Edmonton

Plaza Premium Lounge
I’ve always found the least enjoyable part of travelling is the actual travel part of travelling. Packing, ensuring your suitcases aren’t too heavy, getting your luggage and yourself to the airport, followed by the hassle of getting through security these days makes travelling less pleasant than it should be. All of this has to happen so that you can sit in uncomfortable seats in a noisy  airport for 90 minutes or more before you can begin the process of boarding your flight.
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