Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Aptly Named La Vita é Bella

Venture Communications
La Vita é Bella in Calgary is located in the Warehouse District, next to the Stampede Casino. It's also just a stones throw from the Calgary headquarters of Venture Communications, the brainchild of Arlene Dickinson, a name you should recognize from CBC Television's Dragon's Den. This was also where we were meeting @bluebirdsy, my lovely #yyc girlfriend, one of many girlfirends I have around the world.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Charcut Roast House - Food Coma Impending

Meeting Connie DeSousa
You might have heard a lot of hype over Charcut, particularly after chef Connie DeSousa appeared on Top Chef Canada’s premiere season, placing 3rd overall. After eating here, I can say that all the hype is WELL deserved. The food stands on it’s own, and although the publicity from the show doesn’t hurt, I’m certain that Charcut would be doing the same brisk business without it. A piece of advice, if you’re visiting Calgary, stay somewhere close enough that you can waddle back to your hotel afterwards. We stayed just across the street at the Marriott and were glad we did. Also wearing stretchy pants isn’t a bad idea, nor is going with a group of friends so you can taste more items without busting a gut. There’s no danger of leaving hungry here, you’ll more than likely leave stuffed to the brim with a handful of leftovers to boot.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pricy Perogy Boyz

Perogy Boyz
With a growing and diverse food truck scene in Calgary, we knew we would have the daunting task of picking just one to visit since we already had dining plans for almost all the meals we were in town for. We wound up deciding to hit Perogy Boyz whose menu is far from the ordinary Ukrainian fare. Although they do have a traditional perogy or potato and cottage cheese, kielbasa and borscht, the also have more unusual perogy flavors such as Mexi-Cali and ground duck with Saskatoon berry, as well as different types of sausage such as Knackwurst and Tijuana.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Eat Alberta: Your Real Food Survival Guide

Like minded people, curious newbies and hard core foodies alike will be getting together April 14th, 2012 at NAIT for this year’s Eat Alberta hands on food conference. In it’s second year, it’s an opportunity for those with just a passing interest to those who want to learn everything they can about local food to get together, experience, share and taste!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Half Hearted Hardware Grill

Seared Baja Scallops
Hardware Grill has long been considered one of the top fine dining establishments in #yeg. So much so that in 2010 when the Full House Lottery had a prize for a dinner with Gordon Ramsay, it was held there and was referred to by them as one of Edmonton's premiere restaurants. Once again, the humans had been there long ago when they first began dating, but before they started taking me out with them.
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