Wednesday, August 31, 2011

YEG ChocoWalk - The Dining Experience

At Niche
After eating out so much and realizing there were so many great restaurants downtown with enticing chocolate desserts, a random thought became the impetus for hopefully the first of many YEG ChocoWalks. With my partner in crime, @thepolishviking, we began to plot a deviously delicious plan to eat our way through the chocolate desserts of downtown Edmonton.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Taste of Edmonton

Lamb Tostada from Zinc
Taste of Edmonton is part of the regular line up of summer festivals that occur in Edmonton. It has grown on a yearly basis to include more restaurants, as well as different niche tasting areas such as Taste of Beer, Taste of Wine, Taste of Beverages and Taste of Liqueurs and Desserts. Although it has become somewhat stagnant, with the same restaurants serving up the same dishes on a yearly basis, they are clearly doing so as people return time after time looking for their favorites.

As this year's festival began, the organizers imposed a new rule that an item can only be done two years in a row, then a new item must be introduced by restaurants to the Taste of Edmonton line up. With this rule in place and a handful of new restaurants participating, it is likely that the bar has been set higher for future years and I'm confident that everyone will step up to the challenge in upcoming years.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Drift - Mooliciously Addictive

Pork belly, pork belly and pork belly please?
For the longest time, Edmonton has suffered from a lack of mobile eateries, the only in existence being Fat Franks. Thanks to their popularity all over North America, it seems as though more and more are cropping up right in our backyard.

Having heard great things about Drift on Twitter and read @thepolishviking's review, I knew I had to visit.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wandering Further Afield to Century Grill

Executive Chef Hans Pinto and I meet at last
We ventured outside of our core area in downtown Edmonton (#yeg) to Century Grill located on the south side. The male human was turning 32 and wanted to try it out as he had never been. Chef Hans Pinto, Executive Chef of Century Grill, graciously offered to make something special for the occasion and was given the very difficult request of creating a chocolate souffle, a challenge which he enthusiastically accepted.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tres Carnales Introduces Edmonton to REAL Mexican Tacos

So much to choose from!
Nothing is more fun than a Tweet Up that involves food. On this particular evening, my entourage and I met up with @thepolishviking and @AddieRaghavan at Tres Carnales. Although @AddieRaghavan and I hadn't been yet, @thepolishviking had already written a story for Vue Weekly which had been published that very day. Her account of our tweet up can also be found on her blog, Dine and Write.
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