About Moo

I am a Faux Fur food, travel and spirits blogger. I was adopted by my humans from a Cows store in Banff, AB on April 9, 2007 (that's the date I consider my birthdate) and brought to live with them in Edmonton, AB, but recently moved to Vancouver BC.

I am helping my female human complete a MBA at Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia, and previously helped her attain a Moosters in Arts and Communication in Technology from the University of Alberta. Yes, I am a hard working an very intelligent bovine!

I have written, directed and starred in 2 movies, The Little Cow and the Latte, as well as The Little Cow and Facebook.

I was previously the unofficial mooscot of Starbucks Omega in Edmonton. These days, I enjoy fine food, travelling, wine and scotch.

Hope to talk to you soon! (email moo at "moo at marlowmoo dot com")


  1. Inspired! I feel a fatherly affection for you; I wasn't flown in by goose in 1996, but by 20 packets of crisps! Since then I have had to insist on having a smart velvet smoking jacket and a nice linen jacket with blue beading... My owner also clears off when he feels like it, but I eat all his biscuits. He's not very bright and hasn't worked this out yet.

    Sadly, Guy the Gorilla has now lost his eyesight so just comes out and smacks the old fool occasionally, but my mate Clever Trevor (whose name Ian Dury nicked sometime back) the Tiger tells me he's fit enough. Anyway, we all say hi and thimk you're awesome...

  2. You made me laugh out loud with the fact that you're working on a "Moo-sters" of Art. If you ever get to Seattle, I'd love to go out to eat at a few restaurants with you. In the meantime, enjoy your lattes and big screen tv. You have it all!


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