Saturday, September 25, 2010

Finally got the humans excited!

So with only 2 weeks left til we leave, I FINALLY got the humans excited!!!!  It's about moo-ing time!

They say they're mostly excited because not only will they get to finally go to these places they've wanted to long before they adopted me, taste the food (we all love food!), but because they will either finally get to meet people in real life they have met online (Thanks to moo!!!!), as well as catch up with friends that they know from here in Canada who also happen to be going at the same time!!!

We leave on October 8th for London, connecting through Toronto. Which is OK since we're flying first class all the way (hello lay flat seats!). It's also better than leaving the day before, a surprise itinerary change (thanks Air Canada) that the hums managed to get corrected by changing from a direct flight to an indirect flight. I wouldn't have minded an extra day, but they were ranting about more time off work and how it would be ludicrous to spend $300 on a night in a hotel near Heathrow.

First up upon arrival, we meet my good friend, Winston von Bark (of the canine variety) during a 5 hour layover in London, and his humans Lindsay and Stuart.  Let's hope they keep the cownibal clone of mine, MooBark von Bark at home, I don't need to be attacked upon arrival!!!

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