Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Hat Resto Pub

The Hat Resto Pub
The Hat Resto Pub is a small little place on Jasper Avenue, apparently known for serving quick lunches to the downtown crowd. The interior of The Hat is filled with dark woods and a black wall dotted with protruding silver rain drops - many of which have either fallen or pulled off - leaving large spots of glue on the wall that they have yet to clean up. Upon entering on a bright, sunshiny day, you instantly feel the dark decor suck up any light pouring in from their front window, leaving you in a dim pub.

Panko Crusted Goat Cheese
My dining companion that day ordered a chicken burger with shoe string fries, while I ordered the panko crusted goat cheese with balsamic vinegar reduction and sweet chili sauce (both dishes by the way were the same price). Warned by the waitress it was a small portion, she suggested I add some baguette to the side. I had been looking for a light lunch, but what I got was ridiculously small, particularly considering the hefty price tag of $12.75 for the goat cheese alone and it turns out, an additional $2 for the baguette. I realized after the meal I either should've just ordered the baguette or bought my own goat cheese at Sobey's just a block away for $4.75 and would've received twice the portion.

What arrived before me were 5 balls of goat cheese, measuring no more than an inch a piece. The exterior of the balls were too thickly crusted and crispy, so much so my fork could not penetrate them and I resorted to eating them by hoof. After working hard at breaking them open with my teeth, the interior revealed that the cheese inside was not melted as I assumed it might be. I suspected that the crust was far too thick for the heat to actually get through to even warm up the goat cheese inside.

The interior was smooth and creamy, but didn't taste like any seasoning had been added to it. I was disappointed that there was only a very small dollop of balsamic vinegar reduction on the plate and far too much sweet chili sauce that tasted store bought and didn't really add anything to the dish. On the bright side, the bread was soft and helped fill the void a bit, although it didn't look or feel anything like a baguette since the exterior was not at all crispy. I looked longingly at my dining companions gigantic plate of food, with a chicken burger the size of moo and twice as many fries as that. My stomach grumbled with hunger after my measly meal.

Although the service was quick, I am not sure I would return for this unremarkable food at exorbitant prices. If you do go, I suggest sticking with the burgers as at least you'll get value for your dollar if nothing more.

The Hat Resto Pub
10251 Jasper Ave
Edmonton, AB  T5J 1X8

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  1. Yikes! I hate when I pay too much money for small portions of food. Especially when the food is mediocre.


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