Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Consistently Comforting Cactus Club

Cactus Club
I know Cactus Club Cafe is a chain and as I’ve been told, many of their items are premade in a commissary kitchen elsewhere, frozen and shipped to their many locations across Western Canada, but I can’t resist going nonetheless whenever I'm at West Edmonton Mall.

Designed as a chic and upscale eatery, the restaurant is always dimly lit and pumping out music. However even if it’s not all freshly sourced and made, their food is consistently good.

Goat Cheese Flatbread

We started with their goat cheese flatbread, drizzled with sweet reduced balsamic vinegar caressing soft goat cheese, ripe, plump tomatoes, and arugula adorning the soft flatbread. The sautéed onions are perfectly caramelized and sweet, acting as a nice contrast to the chunky pesto. The dish is both satisfying and comforting, with an interplay between sweet and acidic flavors.

Butternut Squash Ravioli
We move onto an entrée of butternut squash ravioli and scallops, topped with fried sage leaves. This dish normally comes with prawns but we always ask for the substitution, preferring the plump scallops instead. The pasta is easily cut through with a fork but holds up to the filling without disintegrating. The butternut filling is smooth, silky, creamy and nicely seasoned. The beurre blanc sauce is rich and coats each ravioli without drowning them. The crispy fried sage leaves and pine nuts add a needed crunch, and the seared scallops are buttery and satisfyingly delicious.

The meal is filling, leaving no room for dessert, but is comforting and hits the spot, like hanging out with an old friend. I’d recommend Cactus Club if you're looking for a place you can consistently count on for a mid priced meal that has flavorful and filling food.

Cactus Club Cafe
1946 - 8882 170 Street NW
West Edmonton Mall
Edmonton, AB T5T
Twitter: @cactusclubcafe

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