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Three Boars Eatery - Far From Boarish

Duck Rillette
Tucked away in the Garneau area, Three Boars Eatery focuses on providing a variety of beers as well as small plates of food made from fresh, local ingredients. It has a pub type atmosphere in a small space, unencumbered by the usual trappings of a pub such as the large wooden bar and a dark space.

Their menu changes on a regular basis, at least weekly if not daily. So be prepared to be adventurous, if you had a favorite dish on one visit, it might not be there on the next. They also have a large offering of beer, as well as other spirits.

Do note however that their non-alcoholic offerings are limited to tap water, bottled water, and a small selection of carbonated beverages. If you have any dietary restrictions or multiple food allergies, this is perhaps not the place for you as their menu states rather boldly “Changes and substitutions politely declined. Inform your server of any allergies.” I’d assume that that a peanut or dairy allergy could be easily accommodated, but considering I’d never seen this type of statement on any other restaurant menu, I would have my doubts that anything seriously complicated like a “nut, gluten free, dairy free, and feeb protein allergy” restriction could be dealt with considering the small size of some of their plates already, you’d basically be eating…  air.

Feeb Cheek Poutine - EEK!
That particular evening, I dined with steadfast companions @thepolishviking and @andrealauder, sharing what turned out to be four very delicious and filling dishes. 

The dishes come out as they are ready, and those listed under “sharesies” are meant to be shared among your dining companions. We opted to order four dishes to share, and my arteries were certainly thanking me for it later. The duck rillette with beer mustard and toast turned out to be very rich indeed. The toast was very crispy bread, the beer mustard was delectably tangy, and bright, juicy, brined, pickled pearl onions were surprisingly delightful to my taste buds. The duck itself was covered in a less than fine layer of fat, and as we dug in realized there was much more of the luscious duck than we’d originally anticipated as we quickly ran out of toast to spread it on.
Potatas Bravas

Then the gals dug into a feeb cheek poutine as I put all my energy into glaring at them. Unlike a traditional poutine made with french fries, this particular one was made with fingerling potatoes. They appeared to thoroughly enjoy what they said was incredibly tender feeb cheeks, as they speared bits of it with potatoes and squeaky cheese/cheese curds. However it was evident after their first go around that there was woefully too many potatoes and not enough cheese to accompany them. 

The potatas bravas, one of their bar snacks was my favorite dish. Consisting of crispy, buttery tasting fingerling potatoes, paired beautifully with a sriracha mayo. Lastly the dish we were all waiting for, biscuits and gravy. The biscuits were light and airy and the sausage in the gravy was well seasoned. 

Biscuits and Gravy
Although the dishes were relatively small, we left feeling fairly full due to the richness of each dish. I thoroughly enjoyed all the food at Three Boars, as they were all extremely flavorful and well put together. However, I would like to see them work on balancing the plates better, as it seemed that the potato plates had far too many potatoes and not enough of the other components that made up the dish such as squeaky cheese/cheese curds or sriracha mayo. The duck rillette could’ve been accompanied by a few more slices of toast as they provided more than an ample amount of duck. While other dishes such as the biscuits and gravy had far too much gravy, to the point that they probably could’ve provided two biscuits or cut back on the gravy.

I will undoubtedly be back to try more since their menu constantly changes and evolves, and I know there will be great flavorful surprises in store. Check out @thepolishviking's review of Three Boars Eatery for another perspective.

Three Boars Eatery
8424 109 Street NW
Edmonton, AB
Twitter: @ThreeBoars

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