Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dissatisfying Sicilian Pasta Kitchen

Perhaps eating at Corso 32 has forever ruined me and I’m incapable of judging other Italian restaurants fairly. Or perhaps I'm overly critical of pasta dishes because to do them well they don’t have to get over complicated with it. After dining at Sicilian Pasta Kitchen Downtown, I couldn't quite figure out how they had been around for as long as they had. This place has been around as long as my humans have lived in downtown Edmonton, which is about a decade now. They'd never had the inclination to dine here, but were invited to dine with a group of people, so I tagged along.

Ravioli of Braised Feeb and Tomato Sauce
The dining room is surprisingly spacious, with a large open kitchen, complete with pizza oven. The decor however airs on the side of tacky with paintings of your stereotypical Italian village scene scape, complete with faux metal balconies along the upper walls. We started with the bruschetta, which had ripe, juicy, fresh tasting tomatoes, on crispy bread that was thankfully not bathed in olive oil. It was extremely garlicky, yet lacked any other seasoning.

The ravioli of braised feeb and tomato sauce, the humans said was very soft, and the feeb inside tender. However they thought that the tomato sauce, which it was absolutely drowned in, overpowered the filling.

Penne Gorgonzola
The penne gorgonzola with scallops and shrimp had a very, very mild gorgonzola taste to it, to the point that it was bland, and could have been called a cream sauce. We did wish the sauce were more flavorful with gorgonzola like at Chianti's. The penne was well cooked, not too soft and not al dente. The scallops were large, juicy, and succulent, and if they’d done as good a job on the sauce as they had the scallops, it would have been a great dish.

Overall, although their menu was large, none of the dishes we tasted were mootastic, and it seemed as though their biggest issue was finding the balance between not enough and too much flavor. I know that they've recently renovated their interior and changed their exterior awning, but after taking a quick glance at their website, it doesn't look like any of the food has changed. I would say that our experience leaves us without an urge to return of our own accord.

Sicilian Pasta Kitchen Downtown
11239 Jasper Ave NW
Edmonton, AB  T5K 0L5

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  1. no good reviews I've read so far of my faves! Maybe your tastebuds are off!

    1. Hi Dennis,

      Thanks for your comment. Although I believe we are all entitled to our opinion, just because my tastes differ than yours, it does not mean that my tastebuds are off, nor does it mean that you can insult me. Everyone is going to have different tastes in restaurants, food, preparation, ingredients, etc. That does not mean someone elses opinion is not valid or that their tastebuds are "off" as you put it because they do not agree with you. I hope you take this advice to heart and into the world, and become more open and tolerant in the differences you have with others.


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