Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nomiya not so Nommy

Fresh Oyster Nigri
Located in a storefront in the plethora of stores located between Calgary Trail and Gateway Boulevard, Nomiya offers a variety of Japanese food, not just sushi and bento boxes. Their menu is quite extensive and is pages and pages long, offering a huge variety of items.

Consider the length of the menu, it took a substantial amount of time to look through and decide what to order. The server was a bit too eager and we had to send him away several times so we had time to get through the menu and actually choose what we wanted to order.

Once we ordered, the food came out quickly although in no particular order, just the order in which it was ready which was a bit awkward when an entrée came out for someone and everyone else was still waiting to eat.

Yam Fries

They had a whole oyster menu when we visited as a feature, so we ordered fresh oyster nigri, black pearly oyster maki and oyster donburi. The fresh oyster nigri was unfortunately slimy and fishy tasting, and it coated my mouth. The black pearly oyster maki was drowned in teriyaki sauce which made the dish far too sweet and completely over powered the oysters. The oyster danburi consisted mostly of rice and was incredibly fishy tasting.

The yam fries were not cooked very well. They were very tough and watery tasting, and we suspected that they simply tempura battered it and threw it into the fryer. The accompanying spicy mayo was quite spicy as well.
Black Pearly Oyster Maki

The Buta Kakuni had huge chunks of tough pork belly in it, the ramen noodles had no taste and the broth was very mild tasting. The curry ramen was much better as the broth was bold with curry flavor and mildly spicy, and the noodles soaked up the flavor.
Hilarious Bathroom Sign
The pork belly was grilled and tasted unseasoned, and as a result were almost bland, and some pieces were completely burnt and inedible. Lastly the rainbow rolls were again bland inside, the crab had no taste and the seaweed was incredibly tough to chew through.
On another note, they do have one of the most humorous bathroom signs I've ever seen.

Throughout the meal, we also couldn’t help but feel rushed by our server, as they put dish upon dish onto our table, regardless of if there was room. They might improve the experience by not rushing their patrons through their meal and giving them ample time to read through their novella of a menu. The food itself tended to swing one of two ways, under seasoned or over sauced, and would benefit from a review of their flavor profiles to improve their offerings. However as it currently stands, the food was far from memorable and considering the distance of Nomiya from our home, I don’t foresee intentionally going out of my way to return to see if the food quality had improved.

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Nomiya: Tapas, Sushi, and Ramen
3803 Calgary Trail NW
Edmonton, AB  T6J 5M8
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  1. That male bathroom sign looks really funny! I think it’s about time that people should redesign public signage.

    -Sarah Strempelle


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