Monday, February 11, 2013

Tutti Frutti Celebrity Fro-Down and Northgate Grand Opening

Trying to figure out what to make
Welcome readers! This is an interactive blog post this week! Keep on reading to find out how you can participate and help Moo raise $500 for my charity of choice, Alberta Easter Seals!

I was invited on Saturday, February 9, 2013 to attend the Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt Northgate Grand Opening! Located in Northgate Centre, this location of Tutti Frutti, unlike it's other mall locations in West Edmonton Mall and Southgate Mall, has access only from the street. Franchisee Gene Yong, who also owns the Southgate Mall location sees this as advantageous  Unlike other mall locations, the opening hours for a store front with street access only means that he can open or as late as he would like, without being hindered by mall hours.

Me and Fill-Up, the Food Bank Mascot
The decor and size is similar to the Southgate Mall location, with baby blue walls and five machines. However, the seating here is ample in comparison to it's Southgate Mall counterpart, and much more comfortable with both banquettes and chairs.

To celebrate the Northgate Tutti Frutti's Grand Opening, they opted to have a Celebrity Fro-Down for charity. The participants, including yours truly, were invited to create and name a creation. All participants will receive $100 for a charity of their choice, while the winner of an online FaceBook competition will win $500 for their charity!

How Now Brown Cow
Designed to resemble Moo, I created "How Now Brown Cow" with Death By Chocolate, TF Tart and Salted Caramel frozen yogurt, to capture all the colors of my fur. Then it was topped with chocolate chips, swiss chocolate, chocolate almonds to continue the brown cow theme, as well as teddy grahams for whimsy.

My charity of choice is the Alberta Easter Seals, an organization dedicated to empowering people with disabilities. Although my female human is originally from Saskatchewan, she credits Easter Seals with helping her to realize that she can do and achieve just as much as any able bodied person. I wouldn't be here in Edmonton and blogging today if Easter Seals hadn't empowered her as a child.

So here's your chance to help! The creation with the most votes will win $500 for their charity! Voting is open now until Monday, February 18th!

There are 3 ways you can help!

1. In order to help me raise money for Alberta Easter Seals, I need you to go to the following link (or, and "Like" the picture of my creation, "How Now Brown Cow".

2. In addition, you can tweet "Help @MarlowMoo raise money for AB Easter Seals. Go to and "Like" the picture to vote for his @TFFroyoYEG creation!" Get as many of your Twitter followers as you can to vote!

3. Want to really help? Post on your FaceBook page asking all of your friends to visit  the link (and "Like" the picture to vote!

Tutti Frutti Northgate Centre
9499 137 Ave
Edmonton, AB  T5E 5R8
Twitter: @TFFroyoYEG

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt (Northgate) on Urbanspoon

(Note: There was no financial compensation from Tutti Frutti for this blog post, although they provided free frozen yogurt and an opportunity to win money for charity. Any review provided by me will completely reflect my thoughts and opinions – good or bad, and will not be swayed by having free frozen yogurt and the opportunity to win money for charity provided.)

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