Sunday, July 3, 2011

Brunch of Champions at Zinc

Zinc Interior
This was our inaugural visit to the restaurant, my only other experience with Zinc being a less than spectacular catered event at the AGA, with unimpressive food. So we weren't quite sure what to expect at brunch.

The restaurant itself was an eclectic mix of wood, concrete, metal and glass.  It made the space feel as though it was an art piece, but the materials gave it an open and light feeling. The humans opted for the 3 course meal and it was if the restaurant knew this pint size bovine was coming, with many items perfectly sized for moo.

Moo sized olive and pesto moofin
We began with season fruits and a variety of cheeses from Paddy's International Cheese Market as well as some house made pastries. The pastries of the day included a Saskatoon berry moofin (aka. muffin) with white chocolate muffin that gave it just a hint of sweetness. A cinnamon bun which was the least favorite of the trio as it was crispy and hard, as opposed to soft as one would expect. Lastly a savory olive and pesto moofin with a bit of a kick. We were offered seconds of any cheeses and pastries, but declined as we knew there was more food to come.  

Lobster Eggs Benedict
The male human chose the frittata with a creamy and rich goat cheese. The cherry tomatoes added a brightness to it and was balanced with earthy mushrooms. The female human's love of eggs Benedict swayed her towards the lobster Benedict. Topped with a soft and gooey poached egg, a very light garlic hollandaise and large, juicy chunks of lobster. All of this rested on a smooth potato blini, which was an innovative and perfect vehicle for this concoction. 

Moo Sized Spicy Hot Chocolate
Already ready to pop, we still had to try the dessert. Although I'm not at all a fan of banana bread, the banana bread french toast was wonderfully crispy with a very mild banana taste. It was beautifully complemented by a spiced rum caramel sauce which was very light on the rum. Along with the rich and spicy hot chocolate, it was a perfect end to the meal.

If you head to Zinc for brunch and choose their 3 course meal option, prepare to leave waddling, happily stuffed to the gills.

More photos at Flickr.

2 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T5J 2C1

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