Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Annibearsary Dinner To Remember

Bacon jam
For my humans first wedding annibearsary (ie. anniversary), they went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and although they'd had good experiences previously, left sorely disappointed.

To avoid this downer on such a special occasion a second time, I took matters into my own hooves  and sent a question into the Twitterverse to see where they should go. Chef Andrew Cowan graciously stepped forth to make them a 2nd anniversary meal they would not forget. I will admit that I do gush quite a bit about Chef Cowan's cooking, but it's only because he is my favorite Chef in #yeg. If you put yourself in his capable hands and let his imagination run wild, he will not disappoint.

Kurobuta pork belly prosciutto
We all arrived at 100 Bar + Kitchen, suitably hungry, as we had learned from a previous experience that Chef Cowan, when presenting a tasting menu, WILL put you into a food coma. He has not succeeded until he has done so. Even our wonderful server, Marcus, was envious of the parade of food that found it's way to our table.

Foie Gras au Torchon
We started with bacon jam, brie, arugula, hard boiled egg, and cranberries. Surprisingly the bacon jam did not taste fatty but rather meaty (although he assured us there was plenty of fat in it). Combining all of the elements together provided a scrumptiously elegant open faced sandwich.

Kobe Feeb Pastrami Sandwiches with Truffle Chips
Next up was a kurobuta pork belly prosciutto with black truffles, truffle oil and a variety of warmed olives, including the very meaty Turkish olive. Kurobuta, being the Kobe of pork, was an epicurean adventure of it's own, traversing from salty, rich, smooth, fatty, and all around lusciousness. Topped with the black truffles and it was decadence at it's finest.

Rack of Lamb
Continuing to step it up, we were presented with foie gras au torchon, flavored with scotch and a raspberry compote. The foie gras was buttery soft, melting on your tongue the moment it makes contact, the scotch tempered out the flavor that sometimes turns some people off of foie gras (like my male human found this particular foie gras irresistible, although he usually dislikes foie gras or any fatty foods in general).

Flourless Chocolate Brownie
The food coma began to set in at this point as a kobe feeb pastrami sandwich with cheddar and truffled chips. While the humans enjoyed what they said was a flavorful kobe feeb sandwich that smelled inviting, I munched on the chips. Chips which I dare say should be sold by the bagful due to their addictive qualities of being perfectly crispy, lightly salted with a hint of truffle.

Even though we were utterly defeated already, one last protein course found it's way to our table. A beautifully cooked rack of lamb, accompanied by potato hash, chanterelle and morel mushrooms.

Beyond ready to be rolled home, we were presented with a flourless chocolate brownie. It was surprisingly light and not too sweet.
We waddled home delightfully full, with leftovers, and unable to conjure up any hunger the next day.

Hundred Bar + Kitchen
10009 - 101 A Ave
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 0C3
Twitter: @100BarKitchen, @chefcowan & @CenturyHG

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