Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mr Moo's Adventures First Year Anniversary

At Lux Steakhouse, picture by @Dudleydavid
Even though this blog has existed longer than a year, it didn't officially become a food blog until a year ago. May 13 is a day that changed the course of this blog and my life forever. That is the day that I met @thepolishviking in person, and she encouraged me to continue my blog as a food blog, as it brought a unique perspective that seemed to be unexplored in the #yegfood blogging scene - that from a bovine and a faux fur.

So I am celebrating the first anniversary this blog became a food blog, when I truly considered myself a food blogger, and when I delved into the wonderful world of the #yegfoodscene. That day changed my life forever and has brought into my life a plethora of wonderful friends and food! So thank you to @thepolishviking and to the tweeps below (in no particular order and sorry if I've missed anyone! So many great people!) who've befriended, supported, encouraged, entertained, fed, and given me #mooolove throughout this last year! I am forever grateful and look forward to more adventures with you all!

@acanadianfoodie of A Canadian Foodie
@andrealauder of  Adventures of a Saskatchewan Girl and Canadian Single Girls
@baconhound of Baconhound
@BattistaCalzone of Battista's Calzone Company 
@chefcowan of 100 Bar & Kitchen and
@ChefMPhillips of Lux Steakhouse and Bar
@chefshoey of Century Hospitality Group
@cheftonyle of Lux Steakhouse and Bar and I Am Tony Le
@driftfoodtruck of Drift Mobile Eatery
@foodkarmablog of Food Karma Blog
@jilldomes of Lux Steakhouse and Bar
@joyfulfollies of Joyful Follies
@kikkiplanet of Kikki Planet
@michpetersjones of Food, Football and a Baby
At Lux Steakhouse, picture by @Dudleydavid
@MilesQuon of The Lingnan
@MirabelleMacs of Mirabelle Macarons
@PballEdCordova of Lux Steakhouse and Bar
@souscheferic of Lux Steakhouse and Bar
@thepolishviking of Dine and Write
@TranscendCoffee of Transcend Coffee
@trescarnales of Tres Carnales Taqueria
@Zoomjer of


  1. Happy anniversary Marlow! Since I've gotten to know you this past year I've delighted in the restaurants you've visited and the reviews you've given. I feel honoured to not only be listed in your blog roll but to have met you and dined with you on occasion. This is what the #yegfood scene needs more of. You do a fine job and I applaud you and say - keep up the fantastic work!

    1. Thank moo! Can't wait to dine out again with you soon!

  2. You've been a part of all of my best food moments. Looking forward to another great year!

  3. I can't wait to have more food adventures with you this year!


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