Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Going Full English

Traditional English Breakfast
Our goal on this visit to London was to eat a Full English Breakfast. Although we weren’t sure what it consisted of, we luckily enough had friends who lived in London and could take us somewhere that would serve one.

Located not too far from Victoria Station was Kazan Kitchen, although not primarily focused on English fare, they offered a traditional full English breakfast, which as we found out, consists of eggs, bacon, mushrooms, toast, beans, tomato and a Cumberland….  Yup, a Cumberland  which if you don’t know what it is, is basically a large sausage.

HP Sauce, a staple condiment in the UK
Kazan Kitchen offers the Traditional English Breakfast in 2 sizes, the normal or large. Considering I’d never had it before, I went with the regular size to be safe in case I didn’t like it. What arrived was an incredibly hearty looking meal, consisting of a very moist tasting sausage. The mushrooms were plump, the grilled tomato was still juicy, soft poached eggs and fatty bacon. The beans were fairly standard and tasted like baked beans you would get from a can.

Overall a traditional Full English Breakfast turned out to be similar to that found in North America, the only additions being mushrooms, tomato and beans.

Although it was a quick meal, Kazan Kitchen turned out a good breakfast and if I’m back, I’d check the rest of their menu.

Kazan Kitchen
77 Wilton Road
Victoria, London  SW1V 1DE
011 44 020 7233 8298

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  1. You do realise that Kazan was where I had my Masterchef restaurant experience, right? lol :)

    1. Actually I didn't remember that! This place is owned by Kazan but isn't the same place. This is a small place that the owners of Kazan bought up and rebranded to be associated with them.


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