Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wishing for More at the Artisan Resto Cafe

Much needed Mimosa
Located on Whyte Ave, the Artisan Resto Café offers breakfast almost all day, which is exactly what we were looking for that particularly day we were there. They have a large patio, with ample outdoor seating, as well as a large indoor space consisting of a mix of banquettes, tables with chairs, and bar height seating. In one area of their dining room, they have a charming Wishing Tree, complete with fake birds perched within it, a wishing well, and a bird bath diners can throw their coins into in order to make a wish on the tree.

Wishing Tree

It was extremely busy the day we went and even with an advertised ½ hour wait for food, we didn’t mind since we weren’t in a rush. I opted for classic eggs benedict with bacon, Gruyere cheese, and a side of grilled potatoes. The eggs were perfectly soft poached, the rest of the dish however was sorely lacking in finesse. The English muffin was merely adequate tasting, and a bit difficult to cut through. The bacon was unfortunately chewy, the Gruyere cheese was MIA (Missing In Action) and the hollandaise was bland and runny, making me yearn for hollandaise sauce with oomph, and enough substance to cling to the various components of an eggs benedict. The only consolation was that the potatoes were nice and crispy, seasoned perfectly with salt and pepper.
Classic Eggs Benedict

The country harvest dish consisted of feeb sausage, pancake or toast, grilled potatoes, and eggs in a style of your choosing. The hums enjoyed the feeb sausage, and said it was very moist, juicy, and tender with just a hint of saltiness, and was their favourite item from the whole breakfast. The eggs were adequate, however the pancakes were very dense instead of light and fluffy like they should be.

Country Harvest
There were some technical issues they could work on to improve their breakfast offerings, such as seasoning and thickening their hollandaise sauce, either cooking their bacon more so it’s crispy or less so it’s soft instead of chewy, as well as ensuring their pancake batter is airier and lighter. I probably should have made a wish on their wishing tree for fantastic food, instead of foolishly wishing for fame and fortune. Artisan Resto Café offers a lot of food for very little money, unfortunately quantity does not make up for quality in my books.

Artisan Resto Café
10732 82 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB T6E 2B3


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