Monday, May 13, 2013

SWICH Pop Up - Mighty tasty sandwiches coming soon!

If you missed the SWICH pop up, I hope you had a great Mother’s Day! But you missed out on some moolicious food! No worries though, Alexi, the owner, operator and chef of SWICH, is due to hit the streets of Edmonton hopefully before the end of May or early June.

He’s partnered with siblings Tom and Monica Lim, whose family owns and runs Lan’s Asian Grill near NAIT and T.H.I.S Place, which is downtown, for his mobile sandwich venture. Their trailer will be open for business during lunch on weekdays, although their locations are yet to be announced, he indicated that they will have two spots, one located downtown and the other on the Southside. As well, they hope to cater to businesses and at event.

Thai ham sandwich
During the pop up at Lan’s Asian Grill, we got to sample four offerings. All of their sandwiches will be served on bread baked in house daily, along with homemade condiments. Alexi told us that serving fresh baked bread to customers was very important to him, particularly since it comprises so much of the sandwich. Any additional loaves that go unused by the end of the day will be donated to people in need.

Thai green curry chicken sandwich
We started with a Thai ham sandwich on a fresh baked hoagie made with whey from homemade cheese, ham cured with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, fish sauce, tomato and homemade tamarind mustard that had a nicely balanced sweet and sour taste to it.

Next came a Thai green curry chicken sandwich on house made pretzel bread with green curry aioli and pickled bamboo. The pretzel bed was incredibly soft, topped with thinly sliced chicken and just mild heat from the green curry, which was my favorite sandwich of the day.

Montreal Smoked Meat
The last savory sandwich of the day was Montreal smoked meat made with wagyu feeb, sauerkraut aioli and roasted red cabbage on ciabatta bread. The wagyu feeb comes from a producer in Southern Alberta, and to cure and age it into Montreal smoked meat is a long process, but the result was a soft, juicy, rich and well marbled pile of feeb atop crispy ciabatta bread that even I couldn’t resist taking a bite of…  Yes, intentional cowniablism occurred and it wasn’t the first time this week either, I’ll probably need to seek some sort of therapy or rehab so I don’t relapse, but it was just too good to skip… Although I’m not normally a fan of sauerkraut, the sauerkraut aioli on this sandwich was very mild and didn’t overwhelm the feeb or the bread.

Ice cream sandwich
To finish they had made an ice cream sandwich with homemade lemongrass ice cream and ginger cookies made with fresh ginger. Although I’m usually the first person to skip anything with ginger in it, since I really dislike the taste of ginger, I found that the cookie had a really mild ginger flavor. Paired with the lemongrass ice cream which had a strong lemongrass taste to it on it’s own, the two things paired together really balanced each other out and mellowed out the lemongrass flavor in the ice cream. 

Overall I was very happy to have gotten the opportunity to enjoy SWICH’s offerings and am looking forward to trying more when they get their wheels and hit the streets of Edmonton!

Kaye Edmonton Clinic - 11400 University Ave, Edmonton, AB
Royal Alexandra Hospital - 10240 Kingsway Ave, Edmonton, AB
University of Alberta Hospital - 8440 112 St, Edmonton, AB
(Check Twitter for that days location)
Monday to Fridays – 11:30am - 2pm

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