Monday, February 3, 2014

Sailin On - Veganlicious

Sailin On Food Truck
Sorry for the tardiness of this post, having been away a good portion of the fall, I fell behind on my food truck posts!

Now if you’ve read my posts, you know that I’m a vegemootarian – in other words, I eat everything except feeb or feeb related meats. So I am nowhere near vegan, however we know quite a few vegans and were intrigued to see what vegan street food would taste like. Unlike the majority of food trucks in Edmonton, Sailin On doesn’t do a regular lunch service (although they have been spotted downtown at lunch occasionally), and instead caters mostly to the late night crowd on Whyte Ave. However, over the summer they could also be found at 124 Street Market on Thursday evenings and other events around Edmonton.

Vegan Reuben
We opted to try their BLT and their Reuben, both with faux meat. Hmmm… a faux fur eating faux meat…. I’ll let you ponder that one. The meat on the Rueben unfortunately tasted more like tofurkey than corned feeb, but the sauerkraut bread was nicely toasted with a good crunch, making it a solid vehicle for this sandwich, and their vegan cheese was surprisingly gooey and creamy. The BLT although done in a non traditional manner, wrapped in a pita instead of sandwiched between bread, had a slightly sweet sauce, which was balanced out by the smoky and salty coconut bacon - which by the way is now available for sale at Earths General Store.

Vegan BLT
Considering everything was vegan meaning diary and egg free, it was actually pretty good and enjoyable. I hope that next food truck season Sailin On tries out a few new recipes and expands their repertoire, as well as their hours to do a regular lunch service as I think this is a niche market that has sadly been left mostly unfilled.

Sailin On
Locations: Varies – Wunderbar, 124 Street Grand Market, Southwest Edmonton Farmers’ Market and Other Locations (Check Twitter)
Times: Varies – Lunch and Late Night (Check Twitter)
Twitter: @sailinon780

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