Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fulfilling and Flakey Fish at Fish and Chipper

Haddock Fish and Chips
On our last visit to London, we never found the time or the energy to seek out a place to try out traditional English fish and chips. Since we would be spending more time there this time around and we were more familiar with the city, we made sure we kept an eye out for a fish and chips place.

Lo and behold, the Fish and Chipper in Leicester Square, in the hustle and bustle of people buying and selling tickets to West End musicals lay a small and incredibly busy fish and chips restaurant. Although it’s listed as being in Covent Garden, it’s really just East off Leicester Square, between Leicester Square and Charring Cross Road. If you head East, you’ll find it located between two half off ticket booths, just past the Burger King on the North East side of Leicester Square. People were lined up waiting for tables, while others opted to simply get take out, with the latter being cheaper as there is a surcharge for dining in. Thankfully since we were such a small group, we were able to get a seat fairly quickly.

Cod Fish and Chips
Their menu is extensive, allowing diners to choose from haddock, sole, halibut, and cod, along with a variety of other starters, side orders and sweets. I opted for the haddock, which turned out to be absolutely massive! The fish was battered whole, along with the skin. The batter was very light, flakey and crispy, yet incredibly flavorful! Leaving a very moist, tender and meaty haddock within. The cod was significantly smaller than the haddock and had a thicker and heavier batter, but was still tasty and left the fish inside delectable tasting, although I preferred the haddock as the batter gave way more easily than that of the cod. The chips were freshly cut and prepared to order. Overall the portion sizes were generously large and satisfying without being overly greasy, having been fried in groundnut oil – ie. peanut oil for those of us in North America.

If you’re in Leicester Square and have a hankering for fish and chips, I would definitely recommend swinging by Fish and Chippers and grabbing some grub!

Fish and Chipper
47 Cranbourn Street
London  WC2H 7AN
011 44 020 7437 2694

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