Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Moolicious at Naanolicious

Craisin Paapri
I rarely ever dine on Whyte Ave, even though it’s just a 30 minute walk over the Highlevel bridge and up 109 Street from where I live, I just almost never manage to make it down there except during the Fringe Festival. However, having bought a Groupon for Naanolicious, I decided it was time to drag myself from the couch and head on down to Whyte.

Naanolicious is located right next to The Princess, and the space itself although not extremely large is fairly large for many other establishments on Whyte Ave. After perusing the menu we opted to try a few small plates to share. First the Bhel Puri was a salad of sorts with crispy bits of sev, toasted rice and tossed in a mildly acidic dressing. It had a crunchy texture, with a hint of brightness from the acid and finishing with a mild heat. This was hoof down my favorite dish of the night.
Bhel Puri
Next the Craisin Paapri – basically samosa chips that were topped with tomatoes, onions, chickpeas, yogurt, mint, coriander, tamarind, and Craisins. The chips were crispy and light as air, combined with the toppings they made for a nice crunchy bite finished with a sweet and creamy sauce. Their vegetable samosa was creamy, spicy and flavorful inside, one of the best samosas I’ve tasted in Edmonton.

Paneer Naan
For our entrĂ©e, we opted to go with a paneer naan, which was my least favorite item of the evening as I found it didn’t have much flavor and the paneer weighed down what would normally be a light and crispy naan. The butter chicken fries were nice and crispy outside, but being the butter chicken snob that I am, the butter chicken sauce that covered the fries were OK, but I didn’t think it was as good as @michpetersjones butter chicken.

Overall, I really enjoyed the appetizers, especially the bhel puri and samosa chips and foresee ordering those items again on a return visit to Naanolicious.

10331 82 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB  T6E 4E4
Twitter: @NaanOLicious

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