Friday, November 15, 2013

Bloom Cookies Bloomin' Awesome

Oatmeal Stout
I had first heard about Bloom Cookies from @thepolishviking and decided to pick up a few bags at @CityMarket104 when I first got the chance. They make all vegan cookies, including one vegan and gluten free option, and sell them at the farmers market in bags of three. They have a few flavours that are always available such as chocolate chip, while other flavours rotate, along with a feature flavor of the week.

Chocolate Chip
We opted to try their oatmeal stout, chocolate mint, and chocolate chip cookies to start with. The oatmeal stout had a bit of crispiness to it with a definitive oatmeal flavor, while the chocolate chips within were delightfully gooey. Their chocolate mint was not overly sweet and managed to achieve the fine line between chocolate and mint so that neither flavor overwhelmed the other. Lastly their chocolate chip cookies were moist, chewy, with the perfect balance of dough to chocolate chip ratio, and highly addictive! I buy a bag of chocolate chip cookies from Bloom Cookies almost on a weekly basis now. If I didn’t know they were vegan, there would be absolutely no way for me to detect it. All the cookies stayed moist and fresh throughout the week, and never once became hard even though I stored them in the bag they came in for an entire week.

Chocolate Mint
If you haven’t had a chance to try Bloom Cookies, I suggest you visit them at City Market. They Tweet out the available flavours prior to the market, offer a discount when you purchase higher quantities of cookies and accept credit cards.

Bloom Cookie Company
City Market 9am – 3pm
Twitter: @BloomCookieCo

Sailin on Food Truck
Twitter: @sailinon780

Remedy Café University, Downtown and Whyte Ave
Twitter: @remedycafe

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