Friday, November 8, 2013

2 Hour Eatathon at Asian Hot Pot Express

Hot Pot Burner
Although I have had hot pot before, I’d never had it outside of the female humans family home. So when Grammie asked where we wanted to go to celebrate the male humans birthday, we opted to try Asian Hot Pot Express. Located in Chinatown, just around the corner from Hong Kong Bakery, my favorite bakery in Chinatown, it’s a small space, filled with tables with heating elements at each seat. Grammie informed us that unlike other hot pot restaurants, Asian Hot Pot Express allows each diner to have their own hot pot, meaning that you can order any cooking liquid that you want, don’t have to fight for space in the pot, or risk nicking someone else’s food.

Hot Pot with Two Broths
The menu of cooking broths was extensive and allowed you to choose any of the soups in spicy or non spicy form, as well allowing you to have a pot with two different soups, or a spicy and non spicy version of the same soup. I opted for the lamb soup with half spicy and half non spicy. As the meal went on, they periodically added hot water to the pots as the water boiled down to ensure we could continue to cook our food.

After choosing our cooking broth, we got to choose the food items that we wanted and the list was insanely long! Once we checked off the items for the table to share, it was delivered to our table en mass! Note that this is an all you can eat situation, so if by some miracle there wasn’t enough food, you could always order more within the two-hour window. But we found that most items were portioned quite generously as we didn’t even manage to make it through what we ordered. That evening we tried their mixed seafood, taro and fish balls, feeb, lamb, homemade fish mash, mushrooms, shrimp, fish and pork mash, curried fish, spinach chicken, and other vegetables.

Sauce Station
What are the mashes you ask? Exactly as it sounds, fish mashed up and was served in a silver cylinder. To cook it, you utilize the metal spoon they provide to dose a small piece off into your soup and it winds up cooking into a ball.

Too many pictures of various items to cook to show!
There was also a sauce bar that allowed us to take small saucers of any of the sauces we wanted back to our table. Be warned though, some combinations of sauce and food do not go together! I would suggest experimenting for yourself to figure out which work sauce and food combinations work for you. Unfortunately there were so many sauces and pastes that I can’t remember them all to list them, however they have many of your Asian staples such as sesame oil, hoisin sauce, fish sauce, chilli oil, etc.

Overall, we enjoyed the hot pot experience and left excessively full due to our lack of restraint. If you like hot pot and aren’t afraid of an all you can eat adventure, Asian Hot Pot Express will definitely provide that for only $24 per person!

Asian Hot Pot Express
10586 100 St
Edmonton, AB
(780) 421-8300

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  1. I just went here last night after reading your review Moo. What a great little place! A bit dodgy after we finished as it was full dark and many businesses were closing up shop, but in a group as we were it wasn't to terrible.

    The fish and special shrimp mash were fantastic, though I feel a bit silly for walking right past the sauce station. We ate all our proteins unadorned by anything but the flavoursome broth it was cooked in.

    Lovely find, thank you.

    1. Hi Jasmine! Glad you enjoyed! Yes, I forgot to mention that area's a bit dodgy as it's right across from the homeless shelter. But I'm glad you even tried the fish mash. It doesn't sound like the most appealing thing but it is quite tasty.


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