Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Act Food Truck = Mobile Burger Delight

PB&J Burger
Although I had heard a lot of good things about The Act Food Truck, the female human and I had never been able to try it for ourselves as they have a bit of a sporadic schedule as compared to other food trucks, and we never knew when they would be out and where. Luckily, we finally managed to catch them at Churchill Square one lunch hour and were able to partake in their Producer Burger, PB&J Burger, and Fries.

Producer Burger
The line ups for The Act Food Truck were massive that day! However, the female human and I waited patiently and were able to procure the Producer Burger which consisted of sautéed mushrooms and swiss cheese, and the PB&J Burger which consisted of peanut butter and bacon jam. The female human thought that the cheese on the Producer Burger could have been more melted, but enjoyed the abundance of cheese. Meanwhile, she devoured the PB&J burger as she thought that the slightly salty peanut butter and slightly sweet bacon jam balanced each other well. She also remarked that the feeb patty was moist, with the perfect meat to bun ratio. The only disappointment were the fries which were inconsistent, with some fries tasting too salty while others were bland, and the jalapeño garlic mayo was unable to balance out the saltiness of the fries.

The Act Food Truck definitely knows their burgers, and I know the female human is looking forward to next food truck season when they’ll hit the streets again with their to die for PB&J burger.

The Act Food Truck
Time & Location: Varies. Check Twitter.
Twitter: @TheActFoodTruck

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