Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The rest of my time in Rome

Sorry it's been so long since I posted!  Things have been busy and Internet was sort of sketchy in Venice and Berlin!

We were shown around Rome a bit by one of the female humans friend who is actually from Rome! We got to see a pyramid in the city and Keats final resting place!

Pyramid in Rome
Keats' Grave
The next day, I got to meet Rocco and his humans for lunch!  We had very delicious Sicilian food!
Me and Rocco
Yummy Sicilian food.

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  1. Beavie and you must get together! And no more excuses about not writing about your travels - if you go on these amazing trips - detail, please! Detail! First, can you upload feedburner so I can get your posts in my mail box... Liv did it and knows how... and it is useful to other readers. When you first started tweeting, I checked out your profile and would have definitely listed your blog on my site if you had one on your profile. At least, that is my usual practice. Sorry I missed it... and so glad I have found it. Though, I am not really in to reviews... unless about travel. I am more interested in reading about cooking at home! I can see we have been to many similar places. As we are headed to rome and travelling north to milan for three weeks - suggestions? We are then flying to Belgrade and doing 2 weeks there and flying back to rome and home. I have been to rome 3 times, and firenze four times... but never by car. Been to sienna (love it), pisa (once was enough and I went thrice) so - where else would you suggest enroute and which places to stay and things to see? Not asking too much, eh?


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