Sunday, October 10, 2010

Travel Day

It was a really long 2 days of traveling, and for a faux fur, they sure were trying to stuff moo full of food!  I think I was fed 7 times since leaving Edmonton at 9:30am!  We probably arrived in Rome around 24 hours later Edmonton time....too much food.

On our first flight from Edmonton to Toronto, they fed us supper. We even got a menu to choose what we wanted!  And yes, I started with a snackie and white wine (they didn't have champers).
Choosing my meal.

Boccaccini and Spinach Salad with Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil to start.
Chicken and sticky rice for the entree. I shared with the male hum since the female had beef tenderloin! The NERVE!
Vanilla Gelato and a fresh basked chocolate chip cookie for desert!  Yes, they BAKED THEM ON THE PLANE!  We could smell them baking!!!!!  Mooawesome!!!
On our second flight from Toronto to London, we got these individual "pods" where the seats could lie flat into a bed. 
All the pods came with bottled water, a pillow, blanket and "essentials" tote. There were also noise canceling headphones attached to the tv. Apparently there was also a massage function on the chair, but I didn't get to try it cause the female hum didn't know, but the male hum did find it.
My loot! The essentials tote had stuff from B. Kamis like body lotion, lip balm, face towel, as well as Air Canada stuff like socks, eye cover for sleeping, toothbrush and tooth paste.
Pre-flight champagne!  Cheers!
Once again, we got to choose our meal. We had a salad, bun, and smoked salmon for our appetizer.
Chicken for the entree. Again, sharing with the male hum, as AGAIN the female had BEEF steak....  Moo her!
Cheese plate.
Trio of gelato - vanilla, chocolate and cappuccino.
After dinner most people went to sleep. The female hum made me stay up with her and watch that awful vampire movie, "Eclipse" and help her with her homework. Then she couldn't mooing go to sleep!!!  So of course I didn't get much sleep either!  I was pretty exhausted by "the morning".
The morning breakfast.
Once we got off the plane, we had to go through customs. Thank moo we got priority passes!!!!  The line for economy FILLED THE WHOLE ROOM!!!!  Our was just a line and it was quick. If we had to go through the regular line up, we NEVER EVER EVER would've had time to meet Winston. We'd be lucky if we had enough time to catch our next flight at 2:15pm!!!

Winston and his hums were waiting for us and we went to a little place in Windsor for breakfast, took a quick look at the castle, visited the Thames, then jetted back to the airport for our next flight!!!  It was super duper cool to finally get to meet Winston in the fur!  (oh yah, the hums were cool too....  and MooBark didn't eat me....  he did lick me though...  I think he was trying to taste me...*shudder*)
Hanging out with Winston!
Then onto Rome (in Economy...  BOO!!!).

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